The Stories

Here are all of the short stories I have selected for you to read this term.  You do not need to read all of them, but you will be required to look at a couple for class and will need to select a few for your final project.

Please note that I have divided the stories into categories.  There are short, medium and long stories.  For your project you may choose one of the following combinations:

1. 1 short story and 1 medium story

2. 1 long story

3. 3 short stories

Without further ado, here are the PDF versions of the stories:

Short Length Stories:

Will Stanton: Barney

Earnest Buckler: Penny in the Dust

Pauline Wilson: The Two Sisters and The Lost Island

Bill Reid: The Raven and the First Men

Medium Length Stories:

Anne Hart:  The Friday Everything Changed

Gabrielle Roy:  Alicia

Jack Hodgins:  Earthquake

Monique Proulx:  Feint of Heart

Carol Shields:  Mrs. Turner Cutting the Grass

Bonnie Burnard:  Crush

Carol Shields:  Fragility

Longer Length Stories:

Alice Munro:  Boys and Girls

Budge Wilson:  The Metaphor

Jane Urquhart:  Italian Postcard

Sandra Birdsell:  The Midnight Hour

Carol Shields:  Hazel

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